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Welcome to a new world

Throughout the history of art, certain art movementshave emerged challenging established norms and provoking mixed reactions from the audience. One of these movements was that of the Impressionists in the 19th century.

When the Impressionists emerged in the 1860s, their innovative approach to painting waswidely rejected by the art establishment and the general public . Their bold use of color, visible brush strokes, and depiction of light and atmosphere were considered too far removed from the academic standards of the time.

Similarly, today we are witnessing the emergence of an art movement related to NFTs, which is eliciting similar reactions. NFTs represent a new form of artistic expression, based on blockchain technology, which allows artists to create unique and verifiable digital works.

Like the Impressionists,NFT artists often face criticism and initial misunderstanding. Audiences struggle to grasp the artistic value of NFTs, in part because they challenge traditional art conventions. NFTs challenge notions of materiality and rarity by offering intangible works that can be easily reproduced, but whose ownership and authenticity are guaranteed by blockchain technology.

However, as with the Impressionists, it is important to recognize that these artistic movements were born out of thewillingness to explore new creative territories and push back the limits of art. Over time, the Impressionists eventually found their place in the history of art, and their innovative vision was widely appreciated and admired.

Similarly,the NFT movement is taking off. Artists exploring this emerging path are finding new ways to create, share and enhance their work. They open doors to unexplored artistic possibilities and spark a dialogue about the changing nature of art and intellectual property in the digital age.

While the Impressionists were eventually recognized as pioneers and revolutionaries of their time, it is likely that the NFT movement followed a similar trajectory. Their impact on art and culture remains to be discovered, but their birth testifies to the liveliness and vitality of human creativity, ready to defy convention to explore new artistic horizons.

Take part in this new art

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a key player in the development of this innovative art. Join us in this artistic adventure, where emotions become palpable and works of art take on a new dimension. Become an emochain collector and participate in the creation of a new artistic momentum that will mark the history of art.

Professional Artist Arseneca

The artist Arseneca has chosen to use Manifold to create his contracts, thus ensuring optimal transparency and security in the transactions related to his works of art. unique art. Thanks to Manifold, every collector can have complete confidence in the authenticity and integrity of each emochain acquired.

By exhibiting his works on renowned platforms such as Opensea, Rarible and Objkt, Arseneca guarantees visibility and maximum accessibility to his exceptional creations. These platforms are recognized for their commitment to artists and collectors, providing a dynamic space for the exploration, discovery and exchange of digital artworks.

Choosing the Opensea, Rarible and Objkt platforms to exhibit his works is the best choice for Arseneca, as they allow him to connect with a community passionate about artists and collectors around the world. These platforms provide a global showcase, giving collectors the opportunity to discover and acquire the most fascinating emochain created by Arseneca.

By choosing to support artist Arseneca, you are investing in a talented professional who uses industry best practices to create, exhibit and distribute his unique works of art. You can be sure that every emochain you collect is the work of a committed and passionate artist, and that it will be appreciated and valued around the world digital art.


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Emochains offerseveral interesting advantages for a collector:

  1. Uniqueness: Each emochain is unique and represents a specific emotion captured at a specific time. As a collector, this allows you to own unique digital artworks that are intrinsically linked to unique emotional experiences.
  2. Tangibility: Unlike simple digital images, emochains are designed to be tangible objects. They incorporate “material” and sensory dimensions which give them a physical consistency. This means that you can not only view them, but also “touch”, feel and experience them in a more immersive way thanks to the technology used by Arseneca based on microchips
  3. Emotional Value: Emojicapture authentic human emotions and experiences. By collecting them, you create a collection that reflects a range of varied and meaningful emotions. Each emochain becomes a visual and emotional record of special moments in the lives of the people who created them.
  4. Interaction with the blockchain: The emochains are integrated with the blockchain, which gives them advantages in terms of transparency, authenticity and traceability. You can verify the origin and authenticity of each emochain, which adds a dimension of trust and value to your collection.
  5. Community and Sharing: Emochains can be traded and shared with other collectors and art lovers. This creates a dynamic and passionate community that shares a common interest in emotions, art and technology. You can participate in discussions, virtual exhibitions and events related to emochain, which enriches your experience as a collector.