Start a collection of NFTs and interact with blockchains

Welcome to the world of crypto art

Do you want to start a collection of ARSENECA art or other artists? Here’s how to get started.

Understanding this universe


Blockchains have opened up new universes where virtual objects such as works of art exist, which can be traded, bought or sold.
To interact with these universes, it is essential to have an electronic wallet, also called “wallet”. This wallet allows you to connect to a specific blockchain and perform different transactions such as buying, selling or sending works of art.
There are many blockchain universes, each with their own distinct characteristics. Over time, these universes have developed and improved. For example, the universe of Bitcoin (the Bitcoin blockchain) is well suited for exchanging digital currency, but less so for artwork.
On the other hand, the universe of Ethereum or Tezos is particularly suitable for works of art. Arseneca uses the Ethereum universe for some of its works, including “emochain”, while the Tezos universe is used for another part, known as “emochain click”.


Download a wallet

There are many brands of wallets that stand out for their design and more or less advanced features.
If you want to interact with the Ethereum universe of ARSENECA and collect emochain, we highly recommend using the Metamask wallet, which is the most popular and widely adopted.
You can download and install Metamask on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or even use them simultaneously on multiple devices. Metamask offers you a user-friendly and secure experience to access the Ethereum universe and manage your emochain collections.

Use a wallet

Have you installed your wallet? To interact with the blockchain, i.e. buy works or transfer them to other wallets, you will need Ether (ETH), a cryptocurrency.
To get it, you can buy ETH by exchanging euros for ETH, just like you would exchange euros for dollars. You can also perform the reverse operation by selling your ETH for euros. Exchange offices are available for this purpose, and you can credit your bank account through an exchange office.
The Metamask wallet makes this task easier because you can buy ETH by simply clicking on “Buy”, and Metamask will offer you different selling sites. The advantage of the blockchain is that it is currently one of the most secure systems in the world. So you have nothing to fear.

Buy your first emochain artwork

Do you have ETH cryptocurrency in your wallet? You can now start your collection and buy your first work of art.
For example you can buy this emochain from the artist Arseneca. It is for sale on one of the websites dedicated to art, such as Opensea.

To buy this work click on buy.
You will be asked to connect your wallet by “signing” your wallet for security. This is equivalent to clicking on SIGN in your wallet. The signature request message appears automatically for each transaction (connection, purchase, transfer, etc.)

Why collect crypto art?

The first reaction you will have when discovering these universes will probably be perplexity and incomprehension. You will be able to wonder about the exorbitant price of certain works, which often exceed one million euros, as well as about their interest or their beauty.
Crypto artists are comparable to the impressionists of their time. The works of the Impressionists were neglected for almost 10 years, their access to the salons was even refused to them. Today, crypto art represents a worldwide art movement that is shaking up contemporary art.
This is why major galleries, like the Templon gallery in Paris, are starting to exhibit and sell works by crypto artists. They recognize the importance and impact of this new artistic movement.

Discover the art of Arseneca and collect emochain

Discovering the art of the artist Arseneca is an unforgettable experience that immerses you in a very poetic world. Arseneca, is a true pioneer artist in crypto art, who stands out for his overflowing creativity and his ability to arouse intense emotions through his varied works, such as painting, sculpture and emochain.
As a collector, the acquisition of arseneca’s works is of major interest. He is an artist who marks and reflects our time well, and above all, what we are aiming for. To own a work of arseneca is to come into possession of a unique creation, charged with emotions or the first sense of the term and carrying a deep message. Every detail, every line, every texture is carefully thought out and executed, testifying to the exceptional talent of the artist.
The emochains, Arseneca’s flagship works, are true artistic gems of the digital age. These tangible and poetic objects embody the perfect fusion between visual art, blockchain technology and emotional experience. Each emochain is a multidimensional work, capturing and expressing emotions in innovative ways. To own an emochain is to own a true work of art that transcends the traditional boundaries of artistic expression.
By acquiring arseneca’s works, you become a guardian of his artistic legacy. You contribute to preserving and promoting authentic, creative and committed art. Each piece you add to your collection is a testament to your passion for art.
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