Our emotions are more precious than gold
I conceptualized phygital matter, an innovative material that gave birth to phygital art in the 2020s. This material is a unique fusion of matter and information mixed with physical emotions, harmoniously integrated into the blockchain. All my tangible work is shaped from this phygital matter, creating an inseparable link between the physical and digital. Emochains constitute the digital aspect of phygital matter. Each Emochain contains specific information, linked to a physical work via radio frequency, symbolizing the union between the tangible world and the digital universe.
Arsen Eca
The Emochain work is a true digital poetry. Each piece incorporates a unique and authentic emotion, captured at a specific moment in time and space. These emotions, translated into digital art, come alive in a poetic ballet of shapes, colors, and textures in the visual form of an emochain.
Each Emochain is an invitation to explore the depths of the human soul and connect with universal feelings. Like a poem, each piece tells a story, evokes sensations, and transports the viewer on an intimate emotional journey.
The artist Arsen Eca, like a contemporary crypto poet, creates emotional symphonies in the blockchain. Each Emochain is a verse of this digital poem, an emotional snapshot frozen in time. The work transcends traditional art boundaries to become a true poetic expression of emotion.
By acquiring an Emochain Crypto Beauty, the collector acquires an authentic and unique beauty created by a person. This person has their own story, their reasons, and each captured emotion is a true expression of their being.
Collection Preview
For each emotion, the artist Arseneca has created a specific emochain, a symbolic representation in the form of a 3D animated image.
Our emotions are more precious than gold
From physical object to Emochain
In 2012, Arseneca created Linternet, an object built from electronic components, assembled by hand. This object is capable of connecting to reality. In 2016, he built an artificial intelligence Celli-ion presented at the Citée des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. This AI calculates your “destiny.”
In 2021, he created, from virtualized electronic components, the first beta version Emochain, after solving the problem of linking a physical object to a virtual object.
Emochains linked to captured emotions
Each Emochain is an extraordinary object because it is connected to a real and inseparable emotion. This is what gives the object its character.
Emotion of love, beauty, satisfaction, intoxication, and many others.
All emotions are stored in a bank, on the baryonic surface of an electronic chip, themselves connected by radio frequency to the Emochain.
A sacred seal
Each Emochain has a seal at its base that bears the imprint of the person who gave the emotion its character.
The captured emotion
The date and time of the emotion captured on the surface of the electronic chip is engraved on the Emochain.
The electronic chip is connected by radio frequency to the Emochain. The chip containing the physical emotion can be preserved in a bank vault.
The emotion recorded in the blockchain
A QR code indicates the location of the Emochain in the block. The QR code creates a link between the magical object and the blockchain.
It also makes the object autonomous.
A counterpart deposited in a bank
We believe that emotions are worth more than gold. Each Emochain is linked by an electronic counterpart physically containing the emotion produced on the surface of an electronic chip.
Like a gold reserve, we have an emotion reserve.
Collection Preview