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Collect the Emochains, genuine poetic and visual works of art created by the artist Arseneca, using real emotions as raw material. Each piece is numbered and entirely handcrafted.
Produced with care to meet your needs, each collection can contain up to a maximum of 232 Emochains.

An emochain from the collection

Crypto Courage

Unique in the art world”

Works related to reality

Each emochain adds physically in the blockchain an emotion or a feeling produced by an emochain thanks to an advanced system. You have the opportunity to become an emotionr, to start producing emotions and to join a new community.

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Poetic works imagined by the artist Arseneca

Arseneca is a French artist, pioneer of connected poetic art and art systems. The emochain project is of a new, unprecedented genre, opening up new artistic perspectives and pushing back the limits of the imagination.

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Enter this new world

Arseneca’s works are eternally preserved in the blockchain. Treat yourself to a piece of eternity by creating your wallet.

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Emochain FAQ


An emochain is a digital art object with a link to the physical world. It is a visual representation of a time, dated and localized, when an emotion, or a sensation was produced and captured on an electronic chip. Emotions are produced by emotionrs, part of whose radiation is captured on the surface of an electronic chip connected by radio frequency to the emochain. An emochain is unique because the associated emotion is also unique. 4,640 emochain will eventually be created, at the rate of demand and the ability of emotioneer to meet demand.

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Emochain Click

When you purchase a click emochain, an emulator produces an emotion. An emochain click on Tezos, allows you with a simple click, to help fuel the blockchain with real, incredible and puzzling emotions. You ensure overall well-being by adding the emotions that improve our daily lives.

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An emotioneer, registers to produce emotions.
You produce emotions by receiving ARSENECA Laboratory systems and an electronic chip to capture your radiation.
Emotioners are paid on the sale of an emochain.

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There is no pre-established roadmap for this artistic project, and there won’t be. This project is not geared towards mass production or large-scale collections of works. This is a project limited in number of works, whose production evolves according to the needs of society. It can accompany you throughout your life and even beyond, because the universe of emochain is infinite.


Non. Chaque œuvre nécessite un travail

No. Each work requires meticulous and rigorous work, representing a real work of art that requires a substantial material and time investment. This is what makes airdrops impossible in this project.
The project is built outside of traditional marketing approaches. It is based on artistic value rather than financial return.


Decentralized organization. Everyone can participate by becoming an emotioneer, and everyone is rewarded on the sale of emoticons


The artist seeks to demonstrate that “OUR EMOTIONS ARE VALUE MORE THAN GOLD”. According to him, contemporary society tends to smooth our emotions, making them trivialized and without relief. One of the factors contributing to this flattening is the systematic quest for financial profitability, to the detriment of many individuals who become simple consumer-clickers.

Emochain Project

“The project of an artist who defies convention.”

by Arseneca


As an artist, this project represents the synthesis of many years of research by merging art and science. I gave birth to this initiative because I feel that there is a viable alternative to our current reality. Our goal is to help heal the world.

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Emochain Project

“Le projet d’un artiste qui défie les conventions.”

par Arseneca


En tant qu’artiste, ce projet représente la synthèse de nombreuses années de recherche en fusionnant l’art et la science. J’ai donné naissance à cette initiative car je ressens qu’il existe une alternative viable à notre réalité actuelle. Notre objectif est de contribuer à la guérison du monde.

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