Limited series of #232 unique pieces
Animation in 3 dimensions 800×800
Work connected by radio frequency

Emochain Sadness

You will acquire a unique work of art, imbued with great poetry, entirely created by hand by the artist Arseneca. Each work requires a considerable investment of time, requiring between a week and three weeks of painstaking work.

Crypto tristesse


By investing in a Crypto Tristesse Emochain, you become the owner of a singular work that encapsulates the date and the precise moment when a state of sadness was generated and immortalized on an electronic chip.
Crypto Tristesse’s Emochains are intrinsically linked to the electronic chips that materialize sadness. By acquiring it, you appropriate a true representation of sadness. By making this purchase, you are acquiring a tangible embodiment of sadness, encapsulated for eternity, bearing witness to the depth and complexity of the human experience.