Limited series of #232 unique pieces
Animation in 3 dimensions 800×800
Work connected by radio frequency

Emochain Satisfaction

You will acquire a unique work of art, imbued with great poetry, entirely created by hand by the artist Arseneca. Each work requires a considerable investment of time, requiring between a week and three weeks of painstaking work.

Crypto satisfaction


By investing in a Crypto Satisfaction Emochain, you become the owner of a singular work that includes the date and the precise moment when a state of satisfaction was generated and recorded on an electronic chip.
Crypto Satisfaction Emochains are intrinsically linked to the electronic chips that materialize satisfaction. When you acquire it, you take ownership of a genuine manifestation of satisfaction. You don’t just make a purchase, but you take possession of a palpable representation of satisfaction, encapsulated for eternity in time and space, celebrating happiness and fulfillment.
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