Emochain Click for drunkenness

⚠ DISCLAIMER: You will add drunkenness to the blockchain. This process is irreversible.


By acquiring a Tezos emochain click, you initiate an elaborate and essential process to tangibly embed drunkenness. Each purchase click triggers an emergency procedure developed by ARSENECA Laboratory which will improve the social well-being of a patient, laboratory candidate, who will receive alcohol to drink

Once the high is created, a fraction of the emotional radiation is captured on a specific electronic chip. This chip, connected by radio frequency to an emochain, allows the physical integration of drunkenness into the ETH blockchain.
All of this meticulous process ensures that the emochain truly embodies drunkenness, thus materializing its emotional impact and its dimension of quality drunkenness.
By choosing a Tezos click emochain, you help improve the blockchain and have proof of your intent. You participate in an innovative movement where intoxication becomes tangible and connects to the blockchain, thus offering a futuristic experience, where the machine is humanized. When captured and stored in the blockchain, emotions acquire a digital existence, but retain their vital essence. They become dynamic and interactive elements within this technological ecosystem, like a living cell.
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