Our emotions are worth more than gold!

Welcome to the world of crypto emotions.

The project

Imagine a world where our emotions are created and physically captured to be integrated into the blockchain!
Imagine a world where we can exchange our emotions, create new ones to meet real needs and heal the world.
Imagine a world where the consumption of emotions becomes commonplace, like an ordinary consumer good!
Imagine a world where our emotions are liberated and have a value far greater than any material good.
Finally, imagine a world where we no longer manipulate emotions, where they remain authentic.
This is the world of emochain, a world in which our emotions are worth more than gold

A very different project from the current NFTs projects, the emochain project is a participatory project, which consists of creating new emotions and physically integrating them into the blockchain. It is an innovative concept art that explores the fusion of emotion, technology and digital art. Emochains are tangible objects that represent unique and captivating emotions, providing a deep aesthetic and emotional experience.
By participating in the emochain project, you have the opportunity to discover a promising new artistic universe, linked to crypto art, where emotions take shape and become an integral part of the blockchain experience.

How does it work ?


Emotions tend to subside, smooth out, or even disappear over time. Sometimes we even feel a certain inertia in wanting to express them. There was an urgent need to propose a poetic system to reinforce them.
The production of emotions is entirely dependent on the level of societal demand. Indeed, without demand, there is no production. At the base, there is a living being who wishes to express a lack, a need or any other feeling, in the simplest way possible. The demand and type of urgency generally remains stable, but i there are also seasonal variations where requests often become urgent. Whether it is a craving for intoxication, a need for anger when manifesting, or the desire to create more beauty, each emotion is associated with a specific demand.

The entry point to this process is the action of pressing the button of an emochain click, connected to the Tezos blockchain. It is through this button that the request is registered and the production of corresponding emotions is monitored.


ARSENECA Laboratory also allows you to produce emotions using a traditional system.


Only the emotionrs authorized to do so can produce the emotions using a system developed by ARSENECA Laboratory. To do this, simply buy an Emotioneer Community Art, and register by indicating your Tezos wallet number. It is also possible to register with ARSENECA Laboratory without a wallet.

Violaine W.

Beauty was created


Anger was created

Laure G.

Sleep has been created

EMOTIONS ARE CAPTURED on a radio frequency electronic chip

The emotionalists receive, depending on the request, an electronic chip which will capture part of the electromagnetic radiation. This chip is already pre-connected and linked to an NFT on the ETH blockchain.

Violaine W.

Beauty has been captured


Anger has been captured

Laure G.

Sleep has been captured

Emotions are embedded in the blockchain

Once the emotion is created and validated, the NFT becomes an emochain, a poetic and artistic representation of the emotion.
This is put up for sale and the emotivators are paid on the sale.
Each emochain becomes a tangible object linked to a physical emotion.
Each electronic chip is connected to the emochain by radio frequency.
A true work of art, each emochain is unique, because the emotion captured is unique.

Violaine W.

Beauty has been integrated into the blockchain.


Anger has been integrated into the blockchain

Laure G.

Sleep has been integrated into the blockchain

The interest of the project FOR ARSENECA

In a society where emotions are increasingly smoothed, we find ourselves facing a real danger to our well-being and our development.
When our emotions are smoothed out, they lose their authenticity and depth. They become superficial, controlled and shaped according to commercial interests and prevailing social norms. This emotional smoothing is often motivated by the pursuit of profits and maximizing sales, to the detriment of our emotional freedom.
Indeed, when our emotions are smoothed out, we risk losing our ability to fully feel and express our individuality. We become docile consumers, subject to the prefabricated and standardized stimuli presented to us. Our emotions become a commodity marketed and manipulated to meet industry and media expectations.
Furthermore, emotional flattening can have a detrimental impact on our mental health and well-being. By repressing or denying certain emotions considered inappropriate or uncomfortable, we create internal pressure that can lead to problems such as anxiety, depression and frustration. A society that smooths out emotions does not promote emotional health, but rather artificial conformity and latent unease.
By cultivating emotional awareness, expressing our emotions with authenticity, and challenging smoothing mechanisms, we can reclaim our emotional power and build a society that values the richness and complexity of our feelings.
Our emotions are worth more than gold
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